Everyone would like to manage their farm quickly, easily and efficiently. However, it is not easy to see through what is happening on hundreds of hectares, who works when and for how much.

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This is how VisibleFarm helps

If we know what problem might occur, we can react to it in time, there are no kilometres in vain, annoying off-times, wrong work processes.

VisibleFarm unites four innovative, reliable solutions

The management system of AgroVIR covering the whole farmland, iMező, the data concentration and map visualization programme of iGazda, the Ro-Sys Logbox ISOBUS and CAN bus field data collector, and the Production Watch system and meteorological devices of AgroSense.


Enormous amount of data is produced each day. While creating AgroVIR, we had the goal to enable farmers to get information about production costs any time of the year. With the AgroVIR system first cost can be revealed, however, attaining data in a manual way is a lot of work, there is a risk of not having all the data in the system at the end. With this cooperation, the control electronics of a certain machine can send work operational costs directly to users.


Today we can consider iGazda as a collective name, as a so-to-say brand. We have integrated numerous developments into its frame, like Sorköz. A geoinformatical function called iMező is part of the iGazda framework. We have extended the list of sub-elements with modules like ISOBUS. With the latter, data coming from work devices can be processed and worked on in an office environment.


The two most frequent problems with former systems were the lack of a universal solution and "live" connection. Farmers must often use machines, devices of different manufacturers. The solutions of these different devices are unique and not standardized, so handling sub-elements as a whole is harder. ISOBUS compatible devices help to solve this problem. Among others, the solutions of RO-SYS are built on this too. We put a so-called LogBox component into power-machines that collect data from the CANBUS network of tractors and the ISOBUS network of implements about fuel consumption, speed or working hours for instance, but even about spraying speed and width of work.


Integrating this solution to the existing system brings a technological leap, which is utilized in increasing efficiency and in work organization. When we make a decision in the business management system, – for example about a certain employee’s work done on a certain field – the system takes into account the data we have provided about weather, so does not send the worker to do spraying, because wind-force would make them unable to perform any plant protection tasks. A well-chosen sensor system, like AgroSense, which was developed in Hungary, provide farmers with correct and relevant data, it can handle cropland diversity and can produce calculated numeraries necessary for decisions.

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