If someone records their data into a digital system, they can use digital technology in a case a problem arises. By using a programme or mobile application with AgroVIR software, you will be able to find the answers, no matter what happens on your field.

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We like paper.

Obviously, as it is always at hand, can be used quickly and can bear a lot. However, in the long run, it only has disadvantages: it is hard to replace, it is never there when you need to provide information, we find it difficult to understand others’ notes, and what the biggest drawback is – when we need something in a written form more than once, we need to jot it down again and again each time!


"Just think about it. If we write down many data on paper and want to look at them later differently organised, there is no other way but to take a pen again. Furthermore, paper-based recording generates mistakes and constantly increases parallel data recording!” "

Office by the field? It’s possible!

What is the difference between using a bill-book or the AgroVIR mobile phone application by the field?


If we record that we started seeding on field A1 in the mobile application, and type in the amount of seeds we are using, who does it and which of our machines take part in the process, we already have information about working hours and have taken a step towards seeing machine performance. We also start to see how our stock changes, what’s more, we have recorded a work operation on our field, which may be part of a number of official reports at the same time! Or we can take photos of any unexpected events, and our colleagues can instantly see this information at AgroVIR. Machine parts can be identified based on photos, and the purchase can be started immediately if necessary.


On the other hand, if we leave everything to our pen, we must record working hours in the office, register which machines were used. We have to write so many paper vouchers, and still, our work operation does not appear in any official accounts – everything will go there one by one, one day before the deadline.

Paper of digital?

Nowadays it is not a shocking fact, though mentioned only few times that we read and write considerably more e-mails than postal letters. Then why would we leave the data of our farmland to be recorded on paper?

  • We hand it out from the storeroom
  • We spray it on the field
  • Outgo note
  • Work instruction about spraying chemicals
  • Field schedule
  • Settlement of accounts between companies if there are more of them on one field (billing between companies, expenses, receives, special documentations)
  • Spraying diary
  • Farming diary

In the AgroVIR system, recording the work operation and handing out chemical for it require maximum two recordings, the rest is done by the system.

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Any time, any kind of recorded information can be requested simultaneously, so I can compare data easily!