There’s no need for separate recordings

If we need to do administrative work, let it not only be precise, but comfortable as well! Data only needs to be recorded once, it will appear everywhere we need it. Later we can specify or change it, but the recording needs to be done only once!

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There’s too much administration,


We do not write down data about production because we need them – we do not have any more time and energy for that. We do paper-work, because it is compulsory, it is required – we must certify and prove. All the time! We do not prove things or certify to ourselves. We try to do our best in administration and in fulfilling our obligations to everyone.


Let’s decrease the risk of making mistakes

If we measure vehicles bringing in crop from our fields after harvest, we wait until the vehicle parks on the scale, the driver or the agronomist tells us about which section of land the crop has come from, we measure it, take a sample – this is an everyday and familiar process.

AgroVIR software deals with this typical task the same way like solutions including scales, however:

  • By saving the scale note, the AgroVIR software changes the stock, we always see the actual stock and its movements.
  • We calculate the yield of the field.
  • If the field belongs to more owners, it can be automatically divided.
  • Crop storage payoff can be calculated automatically from the date of the scale note.
  • If our measurement includes strange stock as well, AgroVIR registers our partner’s stock.
  • By giving drying data, drying payoff can be calculated.
  • Documentations of scaling can be gained automatically: scale note, stock movement vouchers, product memorandum, bill of delivery, etc.

I record the spraying of chemical fertilizer into the AgroVIR software: it does not take much time – I just do one work operation, irrespectively of the number of fields and machines and people working on them, but:

  • stock movement happens, my stock is traceable all the time.
  • The work operation gets into my field schedule, which can be seen from now on any time I request it.
  • The system collects information about already sprayed and still sprayable amounts of active agents on a specific field according to active substance content of nutrients, and sends warnings based on this data.
  • After our approval, the work operation appears in the Farming Diary together with inherent data.
  • A NiThe system can collect data to the Nitrate datasheet, based on the work operation.
  • If there is a field in the work operation that does not belong to the company doing the spraying, data are immediately forwarded into the lease work services registry.
  • And we can follow all this on a map (how much spraying there has been on each field, or how much cost I have as a result)..

I record work operations into the AgroVIR system, I type in the number of working hours next to selected people, but:

  • I can do this in a from... - until... interval.
  • I can record afternoon, day, night, weekend, etc. hours.
  • I can use shifts.
  • Meanwhile, the system collects recorded hours under workforces, and by adding value to them it distributes them back to the place of work.
  • I can instantly reach data recorded in registries, attendance registers or lists of costs for production periods as wage costs.
  • I can record data under my employees in groups or in a table format, even with the drag and drop method!

After being done with branch-works recordings, the system collects machine performance in a comparable way, so that we can compare them with costs.

  • We can immediately see how much one unit of performance costs.
  • We can collect branch-works costs, even broken down into work operations.
  • We can do divisions of branch-works.
  • We can compare the expense calculated from the pre-defined cost/hour data of machines with real numbers.
  • Beyond all this, we can see the exploitage of each machine. The differences coming from usage between the same types of machines immediately show.

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I can see my costs broken down to each field, which I can itemize further of course: every moment I can see how the total cost is built up!