World Export Development Forum (WEDF)

The 17th WEDF conferenceorganizedbythe International Trade Center (ITC) tookplace in Budapest, from 25 to 26 Octoberatthe Budapest Congress Center. The main focus of theconference is tointroducecompetitiveadvantagestothe market, primarilytoinvestor and supportinstitutions, decision-makers and business leaders. The eventalsoprovidedeconomic operators withtheopportunitytoexpandtheirnetwork of contacts and findpotential partners.

One of thetopics in theinnovationswasthedevelopment of agriculture, whichhelpedfarmsbecomeagricultural businesses. Thisplatform'sinvited Miklós Maróti, Founder of AgroVIR, whoreports, how a software cancontributetocompetitiveness and sustainability in agriculture. The software providestransparency, traceability, full flow of processes, and extremelyaccurate cost data.

Youcananalyzetheaccumulatedinformation and makefurtherconclusions, sodecisionswillnot be basedonexperienceorintuition. In Maróti'swords: "...agriculture has comefrommystictoatomicphysics".

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