Automatic warnings

Based on recorded data, AgroVIR makes a summary and reflects, and furthermore sends out a warning at the appropriate time in fields that are considered important for you.

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We must focus on too many things

Nowadays we are surrounded by warnings, notices everywhere. We need to concentrate on too many things and it helps if we don’t have to keep everything in mind: in the morning when we sit in the car and it reminds us of the upcoming date of service, our mobile phone informs us about a meeting soon to begin, our navigation system warns us about a traffic jam we should avoid.


The system tracking our farming can also be foreseeing

It can draw our attention to professional issues based on data we recorded, or just simply point to deficiencies.

Thanks to its plant protection agent database, the AgroVIR software warns us about typical circumstances of using chemicals even when we are creating a system of work operations – about the culture if the chosen agent is not allowed, or about the dosage – if it is different from the permitted quantity!

Many simpler warnings have also been built in, which warn us about dates, and we can set time intervals from where the system should give a warning::

  • Dates related to field maintenance (expiry of contract, upcoming paying-off, etc.)
  • Warnings related to devices, for example expiry dates of driving licences, or upcoming service periods calculated from recorded working hours.

You can find more complex forms of professional warnings in AgroVIR as well; important ones from these are for example warnings about main nutrient spraying, which is based on already recorded data. Here the system gives out a warning if the quantity exceeded the maximum border-line set for the field.

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