digital bridge-scale and fuel station.

We have integrated two basic devices into the system, which are essential for every farmer, and the data coming through them require a huge amount of work afterwards: bridge scale and fuel station.

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Why would we record data parallelly?

AgroVIR system can help us at many different points so that we do not have to record data into isolated softwares. These softwares are able to process information only on their own surface – making the fight against parallel data recording harder.

If we have a device with its own unique software.

This uniqueness is irrelevant within that particular function, as the software belongs to that specific device. Usually, when we buy a device, we do not care about it, or is totally neutral to us.
However, while using the device, we realize that the information which comes to being there cannot be used anywhere else, in different circumstances, only by putting in extra work through manual data recording. Examples of such tasks in agriculture are the support systems of bridge-scales and electronic fuel stations.


Digital bridge-scale

A basic device to measure our output is a bridge-scale. If we think in a unified system, it is an inevitable point in our farming. At the time of harvest, we would like to follow minute by minute all the data created here, we expect them to be processed quickly and correctly!

Weigh data appearing on the screen can be forwarded into the AgroVIR software, then/and with this single recording we can use measurement data in numerous places.

Connection not only makes the process faster, but immediately visible as well. It makes our measurements informative, which means that we can see where our delivery or harvesting of our field stand, even far away from the bridge-scale.

By having a connection, our crop stock will be up-to-date as well, which we can look at even from our mobile from far away. We can even receive an automatic message like an e-mail about it!

Electronic fuel station

Considerable amount of our machine expenses are created at a fuel station. It is highly important in every period to have precise data that can be checked continuously. The huge quantity of information is the basis for many interrelations, it shapes our conclusions. It is essential that it can be further processed without any manual work!

These refuelling data will go through further work. Vouchers, frame vouchers are created – later becoming cost data, or even the bases for dividing performance.

It is the easiest not to do it manually any more. Just read in the diary function of refuellings, or integrate it into the AgroVIR system.

AgroVIR handles information on the appropriate spot after identifying data about machine and workforce – it creates expense vouchers according to refuelling with correct date and time. Based on these and work operations data, we can later create fuel division automatically, or almost automatically!

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By integrating digital data coming from the scale and fuel station, data communication and data passing can be made easier!