Decision–making based on data

AgroVIR backs up all the points of your farm with data: it summarizes information and makes it transparent, because we want to see the whole, as well as the many small details!



It is so unfamiliar to us. Yet.

As we feel that we have gained huge amount of experience through farming. We do not like if this routine is disturbed by whatnot numbers.
Still they do! Many times wewould make a different decision if we saw everything, if we had data about everything.
We can make decisions based on data only in a system. AgroVIR, summing up information, backs up each point of our production with data.

If we are interested in a number, we can get it, but if we want to analyze that number – see it through, take it into pieces – we can do it as well. We have an opportunity to do it with AgroVIR - that is the strength of it!


The process

Every farm is different in its functioning and attitude when a system is introduced. There are some who fine-tune settings for lengthy months, make user tasks and entitlements more and more precise; and there are some who start with it right away – define the process from the beginning to the end with their consultants, then realize the plan together. The final outcome is definitely a step forward, let it be small or huge, slow or quick.

Everyone records data into the AgroVIR system – the measurer weighs, the agronomy documents daily work processes, the machinery work-room takes note of every repair work, the land management calculates land rent. The system has been introduced, but we don’t believe in it yet, we check who records when.

We have more and more data, we check who records when, whose data is incomplete. We do not dare to check anything else, we do not believe in it yet...

We need data, so we take them from AgroVIR, however, we are still sceptical – we compare them with gone-by experience, with any kind of data we find.

The daily routine of recording data assures us, we see that most farmers rely on AgroVIR data. Our accounting department is interested too, they check, calculate, it has become an integrative part of our business.

We have got used to the accounts, now we require them! Why haven’t we used this so far...?

May you have any questions we are ready to answer them. Contact us.


...It brings out a different aspect of how our farm works, it reveals problems we have not encountered before.